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Teatro alla Scala of Milan opens 2013 with Wagner's Lohengrin

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The Opera House of Milan, Teatro alla Scala
Why Teatro alla Scala is so important for Milan

I’ve always has been a big fan of Teatro Alla Scala of Milan, better know as “La Scala”. I grow up in a family of melomaniac people, mainly my mother, and I’ve been for several years a season ticket holder of La Scala symphony orchestra concerts. Anyway, it was a big surprise when I went to Brussels in December 2004, and I found a freepress newspaper in the subway with, in the front page, a picture of La Scala, announcing the premier.

Richard Wagner or Giuseppe Verdi?
Every year, the night of December 7th, there is the first production, in Italian “La prima”, because of the Richard Wagner’s bicentenary of the birth, the 2013 first production will be the Lohengrin. But 2013 will be the Giuseppe Verdi’s bicentenary of the birth, so why did they choose to perform the German composer instead of an Italian one?

Armando Torno wrote on Corriere della Sera, that in the 1873, when Lohengrin debuted at La Scala, the show «was marred by accidents, controversy of any kind, and the masterpiece of the composer Nibelungen was booed at various times» and about the 2013 perform Torno adds «an orchestral told us: "It's like they opened the season in Bayreuth Wagner with (a Giuseppe Verdi) opera.» Nonethless, this 2012 for Italian people has been a tough year where most of the economical sacrifice came from Europe Union leaded by Germany.

Stephane Lissner
According to Stephane Lissner, governor of the theater La Scala, «The choice of Wagner is 'a demonstration of maturity,' because Wagner belongs to the history of La Scala». In this interesting video, Nick Reveles explains why performing a Wagner opera is very important: «It’s extremley difficult to cast a Wagner opera these days. It’s not that there are no Wagner singers anymore. It’s the fact that getting the whole cast filled with singers who have similar qualities, good qualities hopefully, and getting them at the same place, in the same time is notoriusly difficult.» Only the most important Opera theater of the world, La Scala of Milan, can afford such effort.

La Scala and the city of Milan 
Wagner a strisce
All the city of Milan joins the theater for this important event. In fact, the Milan museum of comic "Wow", a place you shouldn't miss when you visit Milan, is currently open an exhibition of Wagnerian imagery called "Wagner a Strisce" ( Starting from Liebig cards with characters from Wagner's from late nineteenth century until the animated film "Siegfried", created by the young Alice and Alex still in preparation in France. And more. The exhibition shows re are the Disney parodies, the animated version of "The Valkyrie" with Bugs Bunny, and the Japanese anime with Captain Harlock immersed in the music of Wagner's Ring.

Hackers against La Scala Website 
“La Prima” of December 7th is so much important for the world of opera, that the website of La Scala has been attacked. Two Russian hackers blocked the site of the opera house in Milan, preventing customers to reserve a place, to drive traffic to another site, where theyn resold the tickets with an increase of up to 700 %.

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