Saturday, June 30, 2012

Being Mario Balotelli

Article first published as Being Mario Balotelli on Technorati. 

Who is Mario Balotelli, the player behind the winner of Italy against Germany

Eventually, Italians must thank Mario Balotelli; with two goals of Manchester City's striker Mario Balotelli, Italian soccer team defeated the Germans and will face Spain in Kiev for the final match Sunday.

Mario Balotelli is one the greatest player of his generation. Even the French newspaper Libération admitted that in a quiz on its website called “Do you know Mario Balotelli?” (“Connaissez-vous Mario Balotelli, le footballeur le plus fou de sa génération?”)
An Envy Nation
In Italy the most played game is the envy, badly. Before the beginning of the Euro 2012 adventure Mario has been subject of several criticism, mainly for his behavior off the pitch.
But who really care about his behavior off the pitch?
Rightly he reacted, as James Horncastle wrote on his website, when he scored his first goal against the Republic of Ireland «he got up off the floor and didn’t celebrate as usual (and he) chose to vent the frustration that had obviously been raging within. Before he could say anything he might regret, however, defender Leonardo Bonucci showed the presence of mind to place a hand over his teammate’s mouth and avoid a diplomatic incident.»
Why Always Me?

The newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport published a cartoon of Mario Balotelli by drawer Valerio Marini as King Kong right the day of the match against England.

As reported on Guardian «It led to a number of complaints from readers prompting the newspaper to apologise.»

The Nutella Treatment

During press conference before the game with German team, Mario Balotelli approached Italian always-very-judgemental journalists saying «I’ve never had problems off the pitch, not even when I didn’t score. I didn’t have as some journalist put it ‘my arse in the nutella’.»
In this occasion, Balotelli answered to an Italian journalist that put the Italian player as a symbol of a generation of Italian young people.

In the spotlight
Mario Balotelli and Joe Hart
England goalkeeper and Manchester City team-mate Joe Hart used honest words for Mario Balotelli, before the match against England: «Mario accepts, with the way he is, that sometimes he's going to bring attention to himself. (…) People can keep writing. Even when some things were made up, he wasn't bothered. Things like that just kind of slide off him.»

An Unconscious Player

Mario Balotelli he is a great player because he is an instinctive guy. The Balotelli’s way to play soccer match and living life reminds me the «Wu Wei Gung Fu, a fighting art founded by Bruce Lee that expressed his ultimate philosophy: "Learn technique. Practice technique. Forget technique." »

Indeed Mario Balotelli acts unconsciously and on instinct alone. The body and limbs perform what they are assigned to do all by themselves with absolutely no interference from the mind. The movements become automatic and divorced from all consciousness.»

For the first time in my life, this article deserved the front page of Technorati.

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